With a considerable dose of rumble and whirring comes the personification of an ancient human invention, a real, unadulterated wheel.
Our wheel is giant, it is the circus wheel, wheel from fairytails, light as a love idea and heavy as lonely heart. 5m high and and weighs half a ton, perfectly balanced and controlled by just a touch.
Two heroes rolls story about one summer love on it. The love started like on a swing and finaly it flew over the clouds.
Does today's girls do not love just cars but also wheels? Is the wheel ideal for a trip for two? Are human hands strong enough to spin a five-meter colossus?
You will see acrobatics, dancing and jokes balancing on the
edge of the risk and light dance steps.
Welcome to the playful cyrcle of love and let your surroundings take you high above the daily hustle and bustle. We have two extra seats…
Director: Štěpán Benyovszky
Theme and Cast: Nikol Šneiderová, Jonáš Janků
Music: David Pravda
Costumes: Erika Čičmanová
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