CirCODE. Circus share their DNA. The biggest celebration of the acting profession as a specific "disability" that is passed from generation to generation. 

The characters tell their stories, learn to tell you, to demonstrate to the viewer discovers that they have become well coordinated group. Force production is art itself actors, the characters on stage telling their own life stories, sometimes sad, sometimes funny. A group of artists meet in an engagement, recognize the tells you demonstrate to, over time, the viewer discovers that they have become a strong, concerted group and individual solo performances created a common unit, a celebration of common interest, "disability", a celebration of a specific code of human DNA, CirCODE. 

CirCODE performance is rich in props used because new circus whole range of techniques, from cyrwheel, fire show, acrobatics balance over a wide range of aerial acrobatics, including dynamic straps.

The first presentation file V.O.S.A. Theater, which is designed not only to street, but also putting in a theater hall. CirCODE is a performance without words, so it is easily understood by audiences worldwide.