HIGH DREAMING / performance

Unique parade performance acompagnied by live music, breathtaking automotives andsounds of metropolis. Haute acrobatics, elements of juggling, mime,imaginery Dream about flying machines, a dago dream about the ocean, bizzare characters on special automotives ripples of a line of petite tales of human liaisons. They are in enduring movement, like atoms they create together a molecule of micro-tales about men's desire... Fantasque sceneries and striking relations, which heat up smiles on passers-by faces at totally non-theatral venues. Interesting fact is, that some of these automotives are driven not by legs, but by hands and the biggest of them can carry a soundsystem with two musicians with no problems. The wheels are not designed only to move, but they are multifunctional – they can serve as a stage, puppet theatre or contruction to hang to air acrobatics. Six absolutely original automotives are used for this performance, they're based on the principle of bikes and velocipedes. They're designed from single-seat to four-seat. Josef Zimovčák, who went around almost the whole world on his velocipede, participated on their technological making. Machines with the biggest wheels with spokes in Europe were made. "I was convinced by the jury of festival, which awarded V.O.S.A Theatre a prize for the best street parade. And I would like to add the fact, that artists from V.O.S.A. were able to convert whole center of Lublin – from Latvian square to pedestrian zone edning on Old Town square – to one huge theatre scene including all there, even present audience by accident. It was really a remarkable event. Especialy the "zebra-acrobat", made by one hand in stripped glove is a gem of animation. Bravo!" Gazeta Wyborzca