THEY / performance

Street performances of eight performers, two musicians and a cylindrical iron structure. ONI (They) have ONO (It). ONI (They) wonder through our modern Word, perhaps in the pursuit of Something: so stubbornly, directed by the necessity of another order, like migratory birds. Performers roll a five meter high spool weighing a third of a ton through the Down. THEIR Word order forces them to loyally serve the common Cause, but at the same time it takes THEM up here and there, allowing THEM to see beyond unseen distances. The structure is used for more or less acrobatic acts. We can tell about THEM that coping with our Word is an indeed Attention Worthy Challenge for Them. Moving through the streets of the Down makes it necesary to respond to various constrictions, wires or field anomalies, accumulation, aktivity and reactions of an audience, and all the performers also consider any collision with objects or viewers unwanted. THEY travel to reach THEIR place